Organized on 22 June 1974 at Halltown, Missouri and receiving a charter dated 13 February 1975, the Missouri Greater Ozark Unit has been served by thirty-eight individuals—thirty-four men and four women—in the capacity of Unit President. And only one of those individuals has served a second time. The unit has four or five rallies a year in addition to the Region 8 Rally and the International Rally. A Valentine luncheon and Christmas luncheon are also included in the yearly activities. The Unit Newsletter is published prior to each scheduled activity.

Having members from Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Iowa, and Kansas, unit rallies are held in a variety of places. Also, members participate in many different activities throughout the year. Visitors and prospective members are always welcome.

On our website you will find: The Unit Newsletter with announcements, the Activities schedule, a listing of current officers, an active committee list. For membership information, contact any Officer or Committee member. or go to Membership Application